2019 - Back Lane

Back Lane, or Church Lane, leads from the Golden Swan along the south end of the Green, bends to the left between fields, and then bends right again to lead past some houses to arrive at the vicarage, Church, Manor Farm and Manor.

There used to be a row of elms on the left as you leave the Golden Swan. This is how it looked from that cross-roads not long before 1912:

There are some early 19th century cottages on the right, on the south end of the Green. This is how they looked around 1900, this time from the west:

Where the last house is used to be the Gilberts’ builders’ yard. It’s just visible here at the end of this view taken before 1937:

and here’s the same view again in 1955, with an electricity pole visible:

For a hundred years before the 1850s, the pub, the White Swan, was on the left hand side of the lane opposite what became the builders yard.