Parish history

Here you can find material about the history of our parish. It’s a taster – a small selection from the historic photos, maps, documents and recorded memories of the old days that are available. Wilcot for instance has an archive of thousands of items.

If you would like to browse the full village archive, or research a family, a period or a place (such as your home), you can arrange a visit as in the contact details found by clicking here.

Or visit the rich collections in the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes [click here], and the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre in Chippenham [click here]. This website features a few of their items, and more can be consulted in Wilcot Village Hall, with their generous permission.

You can also buy a copy of Colin Bouch’s book, A History of Wilcot [click here for more information].

There is material on the Wiltshire Council website here.

Note – this site is under construction and changing constantly.


Events in Wilcot’s history in a timeline

Places in and around Wilcot

Wilcot people

Wilcot maps


Events in Oare’s history in a timeline

Places in and around Oare

Oare people

Oare maps


Events in Huish’s history in a timeline

Places in and around Huish

Huish people

Huish maps