1810 - Rainscombe House and Park

Rainscombe House and Park are situated in a natural bowl below the Downs to the north of the village of Oare and east of the A345 and west of the Iron Age Hill Fort on Martinsell.  There are historical records for this site from the 16th C lodged at the Swindon and Wiltshire Family History Centre.  More recently it is the site of the local Steam Fayre which takes place in June.

Believed  to be originally built for the Rogers Family, in 1810, by T. Baldwin of Bath of Roman cement on brick, with
a slate roof. The Rogers family were a prominent family locally. The later members whose graves are to be seen in Oare Churchyard  lost sons to war and a daughter aged 22 died in WWI serving as an VAD or Voluntary Aid Detachment.  See the sad tale of Hermione Rogers in the people section. The remains of the family moved away just after this period.  It then becomes the home of 60 Blind Veterans in WW2 and then passes to Mr Drury, a farmer and then to the ClanWilliams family. More recently it was sold again.

Rainscombe House – date of photo unknown Grade II listed.