1918 - The War Memorial

The memorial is prominently placed at the north-west corner of the Green:

It was inaugurated in 1923:

It has a pierced equal-armed cross patonce, an octagonal shaft, a small plinth and a two-stepped base. It is surrounded by iron railings, with a gate on the north-west side: these were erected in 1927, the work of Sid Williams, the last village smith.

The dates 1914 – 1919 are inscribed on the front face of the plinth, and on the rear OUR GLORIOUS DEAD. First World War names are listed on the sides. The names include:

Walter George Lovelock, of 45 Wilcot, born 1895, killed in action 27 May 1918 aged 23.

Bertrand Stagg, of 44 Wilcot, born 1895, killed in action 20 October 1918 aged 23.

Tom Berrett of 15 Wilcot, born 1886, died 1 September 1917 in Third Battle of Ypres, aged 30.

William Henry James Burton of 8 Wilcot, born 1893, died 5 November 1918 aged 25.

Albert Edward Plank of China Cottages, born 1895, wounded in action and then died 29 September 1917.

Sidney Herbert Smith of 44 Wilcot, born 1881 in Wilcot, killed in action at the Battle of the Somme on 8 July 1916 aged 35.

The village collected money to add Second World War names to the upper step of the base. The names include Bert Garrett, B Lovelock, C Smith, and two of the three sons of the last Montagu to hold the Manor, Captain GES Montagu:

George Montagu

Charles Montagu with DFC

The village also resolved to collect money to help those who’d fought, and to build a village hall as a memorial.

The hall was never built, but in 1969 the village school was closed and bought by the village as a hall.