2024 - Cost of Living Fund – a Pewsey Community Area Partnership Initiative for residents of Pewsey Vale

Cost of Living Fund – Request Form 2023

This fund aims to provide short-term one-off support to families or individuals living in the Pewsey Community Area as defined by Wiltshire Council (see villages listed in the footer). Residents may apply for funds for ad hoc items that will alleviate financial constraints and provide breathing space for those applying during this cost of living crisis. This is not means tested. Cash will NOT be offered, only the goods/items needed or where appropriate vouchers. However, the referral will need to be supported by a professional or unrelated person or agent to prevent misuse.  Every request will be considered on its merit. Claims for more than a value of £150 will be the exception. The following is a list of items that is not exhaustive: white goods, IT tablet or laptop , furniture from Cossor’s of Pewsey or KFR Devizes, slow cooker, curtains,  shoes, clothing,  clothes airer, stairgate, highchair, activities for children (for mental health), supermarket vouchers, day out to local farm park (family mental health).

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