1953 - 1953 Oare Coronation Photo

1953 Oare Coronation Photo

Someone has already tried to add the names to this image. Can you fill in the blanks?








  1. Willie Holmes, 2. xxxx 3. xxxx 4. Robin Harriman, 5. Josie Goddard (Rudman), 6. Marilyn Parsons, 7. xxxx, 8. xxx, 9. Maureen Blackman, 10. Anthea Drewitt, 11. Rosemay Lee, 12. xxxx 13. Marilyn Eddles, 14. Pamela Cooper, 15. Brenda Blackman, 16. xxx, 17. Gordan Flippance, 18. Jacko (Peter) Giddings, 19.xxxx, 20. Holmes Richard or Robert?, 21. Manfred Manning, 22. Richard Pearce – Wendy Ferris may be one the those here.

Conrad and Richard Pearce remember:

Brian Blackman                  Post Office also Brenda Blackman (sister)

Mick Giddings                    Giddings Cottage, Huish with Lenny, Jacko (Peter), Brian, Clifford, Dot, David, Philip, Sylvia and their parents Ernie and Maud

Audrey Dudman                Opposite the Bakery

Geoff Mannings                 Black Horse with Molly Mannings (sister)

June Drewitt                      Flats at Oare House

Jill Gibson                          White Hart Inn

Jill Deacon                         Cottage next to Post Office (pulled down when road widened)

Wendy Ferris                     Cottage next to the one above (also pulled down)

Norman Mussell               Box Cottage

Micky Smith                      Prospect

Roger Eddles                     Manager of Hatfield, at Dairy Cottage, Pennings

Maureen Smith                   Sunnyhill Lane– Jack Smith’s Daughter (Jack worked at Hatfield)

Clive Bristow                     The Lodge (Oare House)

June Manning                    Huish – Porch Cottage and Barn Cottage with Stagg Family

Dudley Brooks                    Bethnell Green, Sunnyhill

Conrad Charles

Bailey Pearce

Chummy (Brian) Harris        Prospect

Heather/Janet Smith           now Carty, Martins wife West Wick

David Verney                     Vine Cottage Rudge Lane, now known as Verneys Cottage

Peter Lee                          No 3 Manor Farm Cotts, the Row,Huish, brother of Rosemary

Miss Pealls Ruby & Francis   Pennings

Swanton                           Lady Marys Farm House, Draycot Fitzpayne


Source C and R Pearce Jan 31 2018