1841 - Map of Huish 1841 Notes

 Village and Farm

 Cottages on the hill



Section 1 and 1A   Heath Cottages in the north east corner of the manor

67                         Huish Hill Bakery

68A                       Cottages north of 67 in west

68                         Cottages north of 67 in east

70                         is northern most cottage in this location

69                         Cottage between 68 and 70


87                         Property in the region of the Ox Yard in Oare, south of Huish Junction but north of Pound Lane.

95                         Cottage and premises [shop]south of 87 but north of Pound Lane,  John Ponting tenant of John Reynold

88                         Blacksmith’s shop south of Pound Lane


Other properties in Huish might be made out from the book accompanying this map.

Comparison with the earlier 1812 Map and today 2018

The Pound by the pond has been taken down.  As has the cottage straddling sectons 51 and 52, with no sign of Yew Tree Cottages or Porch Cottage which must have been built later than 1841.

Similarly the Forge and Carpenters Cottage remain but Barn Cottage, the reading room and the Barn itself do not exist in 1841.

The Row however, is complete by 1841 and the Rectory buildings are the same.

Section 53 the Cottage just at the bottom of the hollow has been removed.

In Oare 95 is not on the 1812 Map but appears in 1841, 87 and 88 are still present unchanged.

Also unchanged are the cottage on the Hill.

The new barns are on the hill at 4. The latest version of these is believed to have been built in 1821.