1803 - Coles, Strong

Fred Coles was born in 1863, and married Emily Ann Flippance in 1885. Like two of his five sons, he worked at Draycot Farm in the 1920s. Neil Swanton the farmer remembers ‘Bill Coles, tall young brother of Ernest the cowman, and their father old Fred Coles with a full white beard who worked on till he dropped at an advanced age’. He died in 1945.

Ray Strong remembers seeing old Fred Coles sitting by the fire in 51 Wilcot around 1940 with his big white beard, commanding the household. This was the house of his son-in-law, Arthur Hiscock the engineer who installed some of the Whatley’s water pumps around the village.

Whatley’s water pump at 36 Wilcot

Arthur Hiscock was married to Fred’s daughter Jessie. Their daughter Kathleen married Jim Strong: Ray’s parents. (Ray has taken several of the classier photographs used on this website).

Bill Coles was born in 1906, and married May Pike, and they lived at 7 Wilcot for many years.

Bill Coles on a hayrick

Bill Coles beekeeping