2020 - Community Governance Review – Potential changes to Parish boundary- what you need to know and do!

Some residents will have had a letter from Wiltshire Council relating to this item.  Unfortunately the documentation is not very clear as to what is proposed.  For clarity here is a brief overview:

The parish boundary between Oare and Pewsey is incorrectly recorded on the official OS map.  This needs to be corrected.  Currently the properties of Hillview and the houses contiguous to Hillview on Sunnyhill Lane are within the Wilcot and Huish with Oare Joint Parish precept and electoral roll.  However the parish boundary on the OS map cuts through some properties on the current “incorrect” map, putting them in Pewsey Parish. Those residents who do not wish to find their properties moved across to Pewsey Parish, due to a relocated boundary,  need to  complete the Community Governance Review Survey January 2020 stating clearly that they wish to remain in the Parish of Wilcot and Huish with Oare.

http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/council-democracy-cgr   Look at the information relating to “Wilcot”. or email you form or letter to CGR@Wiltshire.gov.uk

Item two relates to two issues.  Firstly the Joint parish councils of Wilcot and Huish were never officially “joined” although they have operated as such for decades. Secondly Wilcot Parish is made up of two Wards, Wilcot East (most of Oare) and Wilcot West (mainly Wilcot and the Stowells).  The Parish Council has proposed that the two Wilcot Wards and Huish are merged into one clearly and legally defined Parish Council.

I hope this provides some clarity on what is a confusing subject, as reported in the local press and documented by Wiltshire Council.  It is important that those residents of Sunnyhill Lane near the A345 and Hillview make their situation and parish preferences clearly known through this process. 

Posted by Cllr D Wilson