1918 - Ernest Fishlock WW1

Ernest was born Albert Ernest Fishlock on the 6th December 1894 in Cardiff, Wales the eldest son of John and Louisa Fishlock nee Bailey.  His father was a coal carrier born in Oare, and had married Louisa in 1893.

Louisa was widowed in 1902 and the family returned to live in Oare, on the 1911 census they also have Louisa’s father John Bailey living with them.  Ernest was obviously an intelligent boy and was educated at Marlborough Grammar School between 1906 and 1912.

After finishing his education Ernest became an apprentice Cabinet maker.

War was declared with Germany on the 4th August 1914 and on the 2nd September 1914 Ernest arrived at the recruiting office in Pewsey to enlist. He gave false information to the recruiting officer, his birth details were incorrect and he lied about being an apprentice probably thinking he wouldn’t be accepted if they knew the truth, however on the next day he returned to the office and gave the correct details.  He became Private Albert Ernest Fishlock No 11268 of the 6th Wiltshire Battalion.

He joined the regiment at Devizes on the 4th September 1914 and they remained in England until they were sent to France in July 1915 and stayed there until June 1917.  Shortly after his arrival in France he was sentenced to 7 days No 2 Field Punishment for entering an Estaminet (a French bar/café) when on parade, after 2 days this was remitted by his C.O.

On the 22nd June he was posted back to England to train for a commission, he was given character references both from his headmaster at Marlborough Grammar School and the Reverend Reed from Oare.  On the 29th November 1917 he became a 2nd Lieutenant in the 10th Hampshire Regiment, and eventually he was posted to Salonika

From the 1st to the 30th Sept 1918 the final offensive took place in Salonika.   Ernest was shot in the head on the 1st of Sept and was taken to the 40th Casualty Clearing Station at Gumendje, because his brother was also serving in France it was his aunt Mrs. Charles Euston who lived at the Post Office in Oare who was notified by telegram of his injury.

The first telegram dated 5.9.18 read:

Regret 40th Casualty Clearing Station Salonika reports Sept 3rd Lieunt A. Fishlock Hampshire Reg dangerously ill gunshot wound head further news when received.

The second telegram dated 11.9.18

Still dangerously ill.

The final telegram dated 13.9.18


Ernest was buried at Point 10 Military Cemetery in the Balkans, but his body was later exhumed and buried at Karasouli Military Cemetery, Greece, his brother Edward who survived the war had inscribed on his brother’s tomb Christ Died For Me.

Ernest left not only his brother and aunt grieving his loss but also his fiancée Miss Elsie Sainsbury.