1751 - Map of Huish Manor Wiltshire 1751

Some of the pencilled in text on the map was readable:

a        2        p

The Farm                         288    0        20      In hand

Charles Heads                 77      3        00      In hand

John Tarrants                  58      0        59      Tarrants

Charles Stagg                  23      3        32      Staggs

Roger Hiscock                 24      0        29      William Rudman

Widow Turk                     5        2        50      William Whites

William Matthews             5        2        5        in hand

Down in Corn                  197    3        ?

Days House                     0        5        6


Present on this map where the Cottage(s) single or a pair known as Heath Cottages, situate in the very north east corner of the Parish/Manor right near Clatford where Bayardo Farm is today.  It is possible there has been occupation on this site recorded since the 9th Century.

Nearby was also barn between Heath Cottages and the Cottages on Huish Hill.(ref 16)

Fields notated as Glebe belonged to the Church or Parsonage.

Notes for Huish on the Hill that was legible sadly much has faded.

Hopgood Cottage

Nannys Cottage

Newman? Cottage

John Whites Cottage



Map sections for Village below the Down

67      Tarrants Orchard

66      Heads House close orchard and home store

71      Hiscock

70      Parsonage [now the Vicarage]

69      Staggs home store

64      Hiscocks [now Giddings Cottage which is this original house and was previously occupied by a Rudman see above]

40      Opposite 64 Mr Alexander?



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