0400 - Stanchester Hoard

The Stanchester Hoard is a hoard of 1116 Roman coins dating from the fourth to early fifth century, found in Wilcot in the year 2000. The find was considered important because of the large quantity of  unclipped silver coins contained within. It was also the latest dated example of Roman coins found in Wiltshire.

The hoard was discovered in a field on 25 July 2000 by John and David Philpotts, using metal detectors. It had been buried in a flagon made from the pottery known as Alice Holt pottery. The hoard was named after the former Stanchester villa, a nearby Roman villa with which the hoard was likely to have been associated, along with theWansdyke earthwork. 

TheWiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes acquired the hoard for £50,000 following a coroner’s inquest which declared it treasure trove.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanchester_Hoard