1890 - Wilcot authors

Books by local authors
W Felce 1948 Apes, Winifred Felce book on her experience in Munich zoo with the apes, 1930s
R Nunn 2005 To Lily and George 2 Daughters
C Bouch 2018 A History of Wilcot
Jack Hilton 1935-50 English Ribbon, 1950, English Ways, 1940, Champion, 1939, Caliban Shrieks, 1935
Nell Dunn 1963 Up the Junction by Nell Mary Dunn, b 1936
1967 Poor Cow
1991 Grandmothers: talking to Nell Dunn
Jeremy Sandford 1963 Cathy Come Home by Jeremy Sandford (1930-2003)
Roger Pope 1990s? The Pewsey Vale in Old Photographs collected by Roger Pope. Wilcot photos on pp 19, 36, 47, 50, 69?, 99, 128-30, 149,  but all the rest are indirectly relevant
Shirley Stratton 1998 There was a Time, by Shirley Stratton (Burrow) about her childhood in Alton Barnes Manor House and on the farm