2018 - Stowell Lodge or Park

Stowell Lodge was built between 1810 and 1814.

It was the residence of Admiral Sir George Montagu, who built it, and then of his son George Wroughton Wroughton. By 1881 Captain Rawson Trafford was there, presumably as tenant.

By 1820, the Wilcot Manor estate had been divided between Wilcot and Stowell, with the result that the two could be sold separately, even though they might be owned by the same Montagu family or even individual.

Shown here with kind permission from the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

The Stowell estate was sold on the orders of Captain GES Montagu in 1900; the new owner was James Smith Barry. But he sold it in 1916 to Captain Farqharson, RN. And it changed hands again in 1922.

After the Second World War it was owned by Sir Philip Dunn. Their daughter Lady Rothschild lived there until her death in early 2019.