1812 - Huish Manor Farm Map 1812 Notes

 Cottages on the Hill 1812

 Map of the main farm buildings by the Church with village and annotated changes noted at the bottom.  Cottages and barns were removed and relocated, some on the hill.  At this point there was the Pound by the pond for stray animals, or criminals.  The Poor house for the village at this time was located in the field opposite the Rectory near to the wooded hollow.  Barn Cottage did not exist nor did the thatched row.  The smithy and carpenters  yards were where Barn Cottage now sits.  The Farmhouse at this time was the old thatched version set further back from the Church.  This farmhouse did not burn down as some reports intimate.  It was in fact demolished following a survey that reported it was no longer fit to live in and rebuilt with the permission of the Trustees in 1864.  Timber from Gopher Wood was sold to pay for the new House.

 Larger View of Village ans Farm.

Transcript of notes -Section Number

52      Late Rudman xxx given to xxx of 57

51      Betty Bradfield late Stagg

57      Tarrants [cottage] taken down and 3 new ones [cottages] built in place of the xxx wood house

10      Heath Cottages split with 6, 9, 11 Heath Ground and Parsonage Ground

5        Tarrants Ground with a pitt

1        Staggs Ground

2        Rudmans Ground

3        Matthews Ground

4        Turks Ground [ with new barn and map showing boundries between 1 and 2, 2 and 4 and 4 and 3 crossed through.

7        Heads Ground

8        Heads Ground [ All north of the Drove]

14      Great Ground

12      Long Half

17      Barn removed to 4 Turks on the Hill

16      Long Ground

18      Fowlers Acres

19      The Down

Cottages on the Hill shown as g,h,I,k

38      Picked Field

21      Bushes

20      Coppice[Gopher]

22      Smokeham

23      West Hill

24/25          Narrow strips below Gopher

26      North Field

46      Field around Church

45      Field around barns on west of Farmyard

47      Farm yard and House

48      Field opposite the Pond

49      By pond and Pound called Butter Mead

53      Taken Down

57      Barn removed to the Hill at 4 and 17 in the Hill

58      a NEW cottage and garden in the position of No 5 now [I presume the other cottages in the row numbers  1 to 4 followed].

55      Forge and Carpenters Cottage [Note Barn cottage does not exist on this map]

C       denotes Parsonage or Church properties also a,b,c etc [note more buildings in this section]

51      straddled into 52 and was further south and east  than the current cottages [Porch Cottage]

52      is Giddings Cottage as it is now

53      Late Matthews Cottage and garden [bottom of the hollow by the Chestnut Tree] Cottage taken down and let to Mr Faulkner now Bleek

51      Charles Staggs Cottage, outhouse and Garden


See Notes of 1841 Map for comparison and notes on the very many changes to the village and surrounds.


[2037/137H] By kind permission of Wiltshire and Swindon Family History Centre.