1918 - Norman Waite WW1

Norman was born in London at the end of 1899 to Charles Waite and Rosetta Waite nee Parrent.  His father Charles the son of James and Hannah Waite nee King was born in Oare and Charles returned to the village with his children when he retired from the Police force around 1908.

According to available records Norman enlisted in Marlborough and became a Rifleman in the Royal Irish Rifles No 50001 but he was later transferred to the 1/8th London Regiment. His records do not state when he embarked abroad.

On the morning of the 31st inst, D Company was formed up quite 200 yards in rear of the rear edge of the barrage. Although the attack was deemed successful 5 Officers and 71 other Ranks were wounded, it is highly probable that Norman received his fatal injuries from his own side during the barrage or during one of the attacks the previous week.

He was evacuated to the 20th Casualty Clearing Station which at that time was based at Heilly, unfortunately no records from this Station still exist so we do not know what his injuries were or how long he was there but had he had any chance of survival he would have been moved to a permanent hospital.  He died from his wounds on the 3rd September 1918.  For the full story behind this sad tale click here.