1971 - Village hall opens in old school

When the school closed, the village agreed to convert the classrooms into a village hall. At the meeting there was one passionate opponent of the decision, Jack Hilton. It is easy to imagine, given his deeply-held convictions about education for all, that his opposition was fundamentally to the closure of the school rather than the establishment of a new hall.

Jack Hilton

The village hall has been in the building ever since. Another wonderfully idiosyncratic villager, Winifred Felce, gave it a handsome bequest in her will in the 1990s.

More recently, the Heritage Lottery Fund has supported very generous local donors to restore the hall’s ceiling and fabric, and research and compile village history. This website is one result.

The hall is a great place to hire, or to visit to enjoy the community’s history: here’s a link to a description of the hall and how to book it.