1962 - Wayfarer Visits Oare – June 8th 1962

Here you will find a copy of an article written in June 1962.  It was uncovered by Mr Robin Harriman in 2020 and scanned for you to read here.  It is 3 pages but pages 2 ad 3 read like a broadsheet, columns start on page 2 and continue on Page 3.  It is a fascinating snapshot of the village at the time but also records some historical items such as the plaque behind the Old Ox Yard, which is acknowledged as one of the oldest surviving properties, which reads: A.D 984, This is the Oxpath from MAIZLEY to HAZELWELL, A.D. 1987.

Our thanks to Robin for sharing this gem and also for sparing the time to recount his memories and share some old photos with his project. Look out for his memories recorded on this site.

Click here to open the article to read or print.