1961 - Huish 1961, a snapshot in time

More recent local memories of those families who lived ans worked in the Village and on the Farm post WW2.  Here I have captured the memories of two members of the Giddings family still living in the village in 2019, who worked on the farm from the day they left school until it was sold in 1987 after the death of J.B. (Bert) Strong.  Needless to say what a shock losing your livelihood was let alone worrying about whether you will also have to leave the home your family had occupied since 1908.  Happily they were able to remain in the farm owned cottage and found suitable work.  Click here for the full overview of who lived where in Huish, what they did on the Farm and the field names used on the farm.  There is also a small amount of information relating to Draycot Fitzpayne Farm and who worked there.