1960 - People at play

People made their own entertainment in the village: here are the Wilcot Drama Group in the Hut on the Green, and the Cricket Club.

There was football on the Green – here a game from the 1970s or 80s:

Reg Houghton was a pigeon-lover. Here he is looking for the return of his pigeons to his magnificent pigeon house in the garden of 12 Wilcot, probably in the late 1950s:

Holidays were unknown: but when motor travel arrived, there might be day trips to Bournemouth.

Christmas parties were laid on for village children. Here’s one from about 1955:

In the post-war years, Wilcot played a large role in the Pewsey Carnival, and there were fetes, celebrations of national events, and parties. A good deal of dressing up went on (the tractor is outside 12 Wilcot):

Wilcot Gavotte, 1988, after My Fair Lady’s ‘Ascot Gavotte’

Such fetes have continued, though perhaps with less dressing-up, and new activities have started, such as a regular evening under the stars.