1893 - People and the Church

Nearly everyone in Wilcot was baptised, married or buried in Holy Cross Church (sometimes all three).

The cemetery welcomes the dead with a fine disregard for lifetime differences. There are people of different denominations, people who fought on opposing sides in world wars, even a murder victim and her murderer. Tragically, there are some very young children who died before their time as well as people of a riper age. More than once a couple managed to die within days of each other.

The Parish records preserved in the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre record births, marriages and burials.

In the 20th century, children often went to Sunday School in the vicarage.

Here are some Church Wardens:

David Gilbert, Warden 1893

Lord Ernest St Maur, Warden 1921-22

Rear Admiral Sir Francis Harrison Smith, Warden 1923-27

Leonard Swanton, Warden 1931-34

Walter Howse, Warden 1934-44

From 1854-1904, Rev Henry Smelt was the vicar:

His successor (1904-09) was the Rev William Sykes, a supremely conscientious historian of the village: