1955 - People at home

Until 1919 nearly everyone was a tenant of the Montagus. And often the house went with the job. Thereafter, as Stowell Estate and the Wilcot Manor Estate were sold and broken up, home ownership began to spread, though to begin with most people became tenants of the farming family who employed them.

We have a few photographs of ordinary villagers at home from before WWII:

Rose Collins at 27 Wilcot in 1934-37

For special occasions, people might wear their Sunday best:

About 1905:  the Powell (?) family at China Cottages         1911 or so Margaret with Lewis, Leslie and Charlie with Wilfred Pearce            
William Pearce with Sid Lawrence outside 13 Wilcot in 1926, and Elizabeth Keepence in ?

From the mid-20th century, we get more glimpses of ordinary people. Here are Hannah Maud Stagg with her lodger at 39 Wilcot:

Hannah Maud Stagg of 39 Wilcot with Maureen Kearney her lodger

and Harry Collins on the allotments:

But special occasions were still the main photo-ops. Here’s Harry Collins fetching beer for his own wedding, and then with his wife Rose at the christening of one of their children:

Pictures of the better-off were more common. Here is the mother of Captain GES Montagu:

Mrs Curry outside Wilcot Lodge in 1907